Sunday, February 19

Little Lamb

I love sheep--in their wooly whiteness clothed in innocence. If one could capture the heart of a child, I bet it would be a bleating little lamp skipping through the greenest pastures on earth. Soft. Sincere. Sweet. And straight out of storybook lore. I love sheep.

Friday, February 17

Cinnamon-Sugar Donuts

I don't typically photography my own food creations (and by don't typically, I mean "never"). That is until we made homemade donuts last week... absolute experimental cooking success!!

Wednesday, February 15

Mr. & Mrs. Pillow Cases

I've always dreamed of having his and hers pillow cases--I wanted to fall alseep with the dreamy reminder that I'm married. I thought about embroidering a lovely pair, but found screen printing to be much easier. :)

Monday, February 13


Sharpie and pastels. I just felt like drawing something pretty. Happy almost Valentine's Day. :)

May you always glow with the beauty that comes from being loved deeply--which you are.

Thursday, February 9

Tantalizing Titles

At school, there was this picture shared of all these famous Dr. Suess books renamed to better equip the reader for what the story is actually about. And so it got me thinking... what other booked could be re-titled?

Wednesday, February 8

Soft Locks

I love the feel of my hair when its soft. My curls seem bouncier, my straight ponytails are silkier, and it just feels.... healthy!! Deep conditioning treatments at salons are marvelous, but if you'd rather not have to schedule an appointment or shell out the money, here's what I do at home to soften my locks:

Saturday, February 4

Switching for the Seasons

I love Winter with its frosty panes, frozen trees, and cozy fires. But, after the holidays, I'm pining for something Springy. I might not be able to change the weather or force those lovely Spring flowers into bloom just yet, but I can pack away our Christmas china and dish out some easy accents around the house to invite Spring a little earlier. 

Friday, February 3

Chalky Frames

We hung some of my paintings in the house. (I felt a little embarrassed, but Jk couldn't wait to get them on the wall.) After they were up, it made me feel good. Like all my artistic musings and dreamy colors were greeting me at each turn and reminding me of what makes me truly happy. They needed some frames, though.

Wednesday, February 1

Thumbprint Cookies

Thinking about a sweet February treat? Try these yummy, easy-to-customize cookies! The dough for this recipe is your basic sugar cookie dough. Make a double batch and freeze for some simple cookies later or experiment to create your very own dessert.