Tuesday, November 12

Fresh Applesauce

Homemade applesauce is the perfect fall snack, and cooking up a batch makes your home smell deliciously warm. So grab a great big pot because making fresh applesauce is much easier than you'd think!

Friday, October 4


I've had this idea hanging in my head for a while: make a bat collection from some spare pieces of canvas. Perfect for the 1st free-draw Friday of October. <3

Monday, September 30

Sharpie Dishes

Sharpie dishes

I finally tested out this Pinterest project the other week thanks to my lovely life group friends! You can dish up a adorable quote in a relatively short amount of time with a sharpie and access to an oven. Read on for the "recipe."

Tuesday, September 24

Beauty Buys--September II

Technically these were all purchased in July (or was it June)? But they are timeless beauty staples to fill your bathroom drawers. Plus, I've had months to road test them, and took Paige with me while shopping so you get her newbie make-up input as well (bonus!). 

Friday, September 20

Blackened Chili-Rubbed Salmon

We have been eating a lot of delicious salmon curtesy of my mom and Jon's Alaskan trip and superior fishing skills. I still have the favorite recipe I brought back from my trip, but this one is a wonderful alternative way to cook that perfect pink fish.

Tuesday, September 17

Letting it Go & Bringing it Back

There comes some times in life when you just have to let stuff go. Regrets, grudges, insecurities, or just plain bad feelings. Sure, it's easy to say to toss those out. But sometimes you have to let the "good" things drop too.

You let them good for the greater good. Or maybe for the good of your sanity. Only, the thing with those is that you know you'll bring them back sooner or later.

Wednesday, June 26

Rustic Bread

No need for a bread pan with this one. It just comes out in a perfectly rustic round loaf (actually it makes 2-4 loaves*), and is surprisingly soft despite it’s hearty appearance. Perfect for french toast, a panini, or just bread and butter. Added bonus: no kneading!

Friday, June 21

S'more Small Group Invites

camping invitations

Yet another sleepover with my super small group of girls! This time we're trading Quidditch and butterbeer for camping and bonfires.

Tuesday, June 11

Penny Dates

Jameson and I spent some time brainstorming some pretty awesome date ideas that we could do with pennies (well $0-$3 really), as we talked about ways to save money. And we would love to share them with you. You don't need $100 and a reservation at the best restaurant in town. You only need a great a few dollars and great company for some priceless memories.

Friday, May 31

Painting Gray: Bat Corner

Today was rainy and cloudy and lonely (a bit) so what's better than a corner of cute little bats to roost next to your desk? It reminds me of my favorite bat friend, Marlon, from Vivian French's fabulous Five Kingdom reads.

Friday, May 24

The Oatmeal Bar

We went to this cute local Italian restaurant the other week and managed to be seated despite our lack of reservations. However instead of being shuffled into a table in their main dining room, we had the absolute delight of being led to their quaint coffee lounge where we had the place to ourselves.

Tuesday, May 7

First Year of Marriage

Whoever said the first year of marriage is the most difficult clearly never dated Jk Stewart. Because 8 years of just plain hard work and prayer has made this 9th year together the most beautiful of all.

Wednesday, March 27

Happily Ever After Spring Wreath

Thanks to an old wreath frame, some pink berry sprigs, and an adorable little sign we got from a friend, we now have a wonderful Spring wreath!

Tuesday, March 19

Making Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Tired of spending a pretty penny for sun-dried tomatoes at the store, JK suggested we make them ourselves. What do you know? It actually worked!

Wednesday, March 6

No One Has Fought Harder

It's the sort of thing you always dream about: someone who fights for you--for your love.

Well it's more than that. Because we live in a world where dreams are often squashed and traded for something less-than, where we try to make it on our own and slap a smile on our face so no one digs any deeper, where sometimes it very hard to keep from hardening and even harder to keep ahold of your heart. So you need someone to fight for more than your love, you need someone to fight for your heart so that when the time comes, you actually have love to give.

And no one has fought harder for my heart than him.

Tuesday, February 26

Cinnamon Rolls

Warning: This is one of those recipes. You know the kind that tells you to knead the dough until it "feels right" and refuses to specify the exact amount of each ingredient? So, I just want to apologize up front.

BUT, I will try my very best to estimate (roughly) the amounts, and you will be happy to know that the recipe for the dough is very nicely laid out in a previous post and can be used to make beignets as well!

Monday, February 25

Strand of Memories

If you're looking for a whimsical way to display your favorite pictures, all you need is some string and an empty window!

Sunday, February 17


If you've ever seen Disney's Princess & The Frog or celebrated Mardi Gras with all the traditional New Orleans' treats, then you'll know exactly what a beignet is. For those of you who are still unaware--it's like a sugary powdered donut square. (Craving one yet?) Well, beignets don't have to just be for once a year on Mardi Gras or when you happen to be in the Big Easy, you can easily make them right at home!

And the best part is, this recipe is 2 for the price of 1! It makes a BOATLOAD of dough, so you are easily able to make a giant batch of beignets with half and save the other half for a dozen homemade cinnamon rolls. Let's get baking!

Monday, February 11

Sweater Bow

Oh sweaters... I'm sorry but I just can't stop posting about them. Attribute it to the cold weather or the 80s and 90s style comebacks, or maybe just JK's over abundance of sweaters... whatever the reason, it's sweater season on the blog.

Well, I've got yet another use for your rejected, stolen* or thrift-store sweaters--adding a sweetly feminine touch with a silky bow. So, grab an extra sweater you want to revamp (mine's from Jameson's closet that accidentally shrunk in the wash--before we were married mine you, as I would never do such a thing to cashmere!) and let's go!

Thursday, January 31

Classic Pound Cake

There is something decadent about a pound cake. It gets its name from the pound of each of the ingredients used. With this easy recipe you’ll produce a perfect pair each time!

Tuesday, January 29

Beauty Buy: Eclos Starter Kit

I'm not one to normally promote a single object or line, but when Walgreens had a starter kit for the set of eclos products I wanted to try and it was marked down an extra 5 bucks, I had to splurge on it. And after trying it, I just had to pass along how pleased I was!

Monday, January 28


We've been watching a whole lotta Five-O. (The remake of course). And for some reason we still can't get enough of it. And, needless to say, we've been dreaming a lot about Hawaii. Smoking ham, buying pineapples, and humming the Hawaiian Five-O theme song are some of our recent activities. :) So when I decided this rainy Monday was a perfect day for drawing, there was no doubt in my mind what I'd sketch.

Thursday, January 24

Of Loveliness and Lockets

There is something innately feminine about a locket. Ornately carved to delicately open revealing something truly special inside. It reminds me a bit like a rose ready to bloom or a secret garden locked away. It's mysterious and treasured and absolutely lovely.

Friday, January 18

Date Night Folders

I just wanted to share this simple and sweet idea for spending some quality time with your love--Date Night Folders.

Tuesday, January 8

Pudding Pie

For picky pie eaters everywhere *ahem* my stepdad, Jon. :)