Wednesday, June 26

Rustic Bread

No need for a bread pan with this one. It just comes out in a perfectly rustic round loaf (actually it makes 2-4 loaves*), and is surprisingly soft despite it’s hearty appearance. Perfect for french toast, a panini, or just bread and butter. Added bonus: no kneading!

Friday, June 21

S'more Small Group Invites

camping invitations

Yet another sleepover with my super small group of girls! This time we're trading Quidditch and butterbeer for camping and bonfires.

Tuesday, June 11

Penny Dates

Jameson and I spent some time brainstorming some pretty awesome date ideas that we could do with pennies (well $0-$3 really), as we talked about ways to save money. And we would love to share them with you. You don't need $100 and a reservation at the best restaurant in town. You only need a great a few dollars and great company for some priceless memories.