Wednesday, January 28

Timmy the Tooth and BrushBrush Would Be Proud

I did something today that made me so very happy--I finally made myself a dentist appointment! Every night whilst flossing (yes I floss, and I hope to inspire you all to do the same), and staring at my big smile in the mirror I think "I need to go to the dentist.. I miss going to the dentist.. I like my teeth clean." I also think "I probably could be a vampire."... but that's another entry. I've been meaning to make an appointment for a long time now--it's hard when I'm off in another state to remember things like that. But I finally did. Which led me to think about dentist visits in general...

Thursday, January 22

11 Reasons for Concern

Last night I accidentally cut my finger. Not a lot, but it kept bleeding. I sucked on it to try and stop the bleeding (I'm not sure if that is medically advisable, but nevertheless...). It was then that I began to mentally compile a list of similarities I have with vampires.