Thursday, January 22

11 Reasons for Concern

Last night I accidentally cut my finger. Not a lot, but it kept bleeding. I sucked on it to try and stop the bleeding (I'm not sure if that is medically advisable, but nevertheless...). It was then that I began to mentally compile a list of similarities I have with vampires.

1. I don't like garlic.
2. I am pale.
3. You can see all my teeth when I smile.
4. I don't like being in the sun.
5. I have a charming and alluring personality.
6. I really like red meat.
7. I have often awoke grinding my teeth in my sleep.
8. I think blood tastes sweet and tangy.
9. I suck my own blood. (only on occasion--when injured)
10. I am not afraid of enclosed spaces or lying in wooden boxes.
11. I have noticeable fangs.


  1. what about the fact that you can change into a bat?

  2. you really do have a lot in common with vampires. Very interesting.