Friday, August 24

Painting Gray: Mermaid Love

This is what I do on Friday mornings,  I  lay in my bed and imagine what I'm going to create, and then I go do it. I get my artistic fix in before Jameson is home by noon. Today, I became a little spellbound by mermaids. And after 30 minutes of happily lapping up some mermaid information on the interwebs, I needed to paint one. I'm out of canvas, so it's a good thing, we've got plenty of room on our walls...

Peppered Turkey Wraps with Apricot Spread

These amazing wraps taste like they’re from a corner bistro and the flavor of the soft apricot and goat cheese spread is to die for. It's perfect for a picnic lunch or a quick bite before an afternoon wedding (which is precisely what Jk, Paige, Graham and I did before my cousin's wedding :) and it felt fabulous to eat while all dressed-up!).

Friday, August 17


This is precisely what Zuko looks like at night across the room. My artistic project for the day :) Acrylic on black cardboard.

Monday, August 13

Gray Room

We have a cute little room upstairs that we painted gray. It's a "kid's room," where we keep all of our favorite picture books, fun toys (like the nerf guns Jk bought me for Christmas), and fantastical dreams.

Friday, August 10

Painting Gray: Castle Tower

Continuing the quest to turn an upstairs bedroom into a gallery of the most magical wall paintings...

Wednesday, August 8

Sketch a Dress III

Because I just like dreaming up dresses...

Tuesday, August 7


We didn't register for a waffle iron just because... Waffles are amazing and super easy to make huge amounts of. Did you know you can freeze fresh waffles and then pop them in the toaster whenever you want one? Well, now you do. :) Grab the syrup and heat up the iron!

Friday, August 3

Minimalist Story Posters

I was feeling like simplistically stating things today.