Wednesday, August 8

Sketch a Dress III

Because I just like dreaming up dresses...

"Ripped & Ready": Sharp, edgy black and dark gray (satin?) dress with a slit on the side, and a gorgeously big bow. For when you can't wear your butt-kicking boots and need something a little more refined for the occasion.

"Peachy Keen": Something sweeter. Tea-length peach dress with a gathered top and lots of fringy tulle ruffles for the afternoon-lemonade Georgia girl in me.

"Living Poof": Sometimes you just need a lot of poof. Great big downy back bustles with cute pink and white stripes. The front has a light pink overlay with pink scalloped lace peeking out of the bottom, neckline and sleeve cuffs. Cinderella's sisters got nothing on this dress.


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