Wednesday, December 3


"Cassiopeia," "Ursa Major," and "Orion." Acryllic on Canvas. They are framed in brass frames from Goodwill--spray-painted white and hanging in our hallway.

Thursday, October 2

An October Night

I don't typically let people peek into this place, but the thought occurred to me some weeks ago that perhaps it needs to be shared.

I'm sharing this first and foremost for those of you who have experienced loss. A loss of any kind--that you might read these words, see yourself in them and find some comfort in knowing we are mourning together. That though the world seems dark and emotions flood over you, you are not alone.

But more importantly, I'm sharing this for us all. For us to remember those who we hold dear and not to take our loved ones for granted in our rushed lives.

Friday, September 26

My Top 6 Book Suggestions for Boys

I view myself to be somewhat of an expert in this area, as the majority of my recreational reading centers around books targeted for middle school boys. Why? Well for one, I get fairly squeamish around love scenes. I also can't get enough adventure and magic. Additionally, I just have a soft spot in my heart for boys finding their own way in the world so I lean towards them as main characters much more.

I'm extremely sensitive to the interests of boys and their tendency to only tolerate reading, so I only suggest the best of the best to my favorite kiddos and their parental units.

Monday, August 4

The Cape: A Painting

A painted version of "The Cape" from my fairytale graphic design series. Acryllic on canvas.

Friday, August 1

Wedding Bouquet

A nod to my wedding bouquet. Acryllic on canvas.

Saturday, June 28

Disney Week

Ever since we got back from our honeymoon in Disney we've wanted to go back. But oftentimes that long-anticipated return to Disney World isn't in the budget. So, taking our favorite parts about the trip and all the fun and magic about Disney, we decided to celebrate 'Disney Week' at home for under $250.

Friday, June 20

Mini Pretzel Bites

We made these soft pretzel bites during our Disney Week, and they turned out great! Something about soft pretzels reminds me of summer days. Ever wanted to make your own at home? Read on my friends!