Friday, May 31

Painting Gray: Bat Corner

Today was rainy and cloudy and lonely (a bit) so what's better than a corner of cute little bats to roost next to your desk? It reminds me of my favorite bat friend, Marlon, from Vivian French's fabulous Five Kingdom reads.

Friday, May 24

The Oatmeal Bar

We went to this cute local Italian restaurant the other week and managed to be seated despite our lack of reservations. However instead of being shuffled into a table in their main dining room, we had the absolute delight of being led to their quaint coffee lounge where we had the place to ourselves.

Tuesday, May 7

First Year of Marriage

Whoever said the first year of marriage is the most difficult clearly never dated Jk Stewart. Because 8 years of just plain hard work and prayer has made this 9th year together the most beautiful of all.