Thursday, January 31

Classic Pound Cake

There is something decadent about a pound cake. It gets its name from the pound of each of the ingredients used. With this easy recipe you’ll produce a perfect pair each time!

Tuesday, January 29

Beauty Buy: Eclos Starter Kit

I'm not one to normally promote a single object or line, but when Walgreens had a starter kit for the set of eclos products I wanted to try and it was marked down an extra 5 bucks, I had to splurge on it. And after trying it, I just had to pass along how pleased I was!

Monday, January 28


We've been watching a whole lotta Five-O. (The remake of course). And for some reason we still can't get enough of it. And, needless to say, we've been dreaming a lot about Hawaii. Smoking ham, buying pineapples, and humming the Hawaiian Five-O theme song are some of our recent activities. :) So when I decided this rainy Monday was a perfect day for drawing, there was no doubt in my mind what I'd sketch.

Thursday, January 24

Of Loveliness and Lockets

There is something innately feminine about a locket. Ornately carved to delicately open revealing something truly special inside. It reminds me a bit like a rose ready to bloom or a secret garden locked away. It's mysterious and treasured and absolutely lovely.

Friday, January 18

Date Night Folders

I just wanted to share this simple and sweet idea for spending some quality time with your love--Date Night Folders.

Tuesday, January 8

Pudding Pie

For picky pie eaters everywhere *ahem* my stepdad, Jon. :)