Monday, August 29

Elegant Braided Bun

Make a simple bun neatly poised by adding a few braids to elegantly twist around it.

Friday, August 26

7 Layer Bars

This is a super simple dessert to assemble, and the end result is down-right decandent.

Bring on the layers!

Thursday, August 25

Wooden Hangers

There's something about wooden hangers. They give your clothes that expensive feel, and remind you about how you felt when you saw them sitting pretty in the store.

Wednesday, August 24

Apple Yogurt Salad

This is a tangy and fresh snack that is super yummy! Top it with homemade or store-bought granola for extra crunch.

Sunday, August 21

What Made School Really Cool

I always enjoyed school. You learn cool stuff, you get a break from home, and who doesn't love hanging out with their friends all day everyday? Sure, nobody likes homework or waking up early, but for the most part, when back-to-school time rolls around each year, everyone forgets about all that boring stuff and gets pumped while buying boxes of crayons, five-star binders, and bright-colored folders.

Now that I'm in a position where I get to make decisions that impact the school day, I've decided I need to bring back the best school memories and keep the beginning of the year excitement going every day. I'm not obsessed with back-to-school time or being a perfect teacher, but I do like having fun, hanging with kids, and imparting some sort of knowledge in the midst of all that. So, here's all the things I loved at school and how it translates into the my take on this school year.

Tuesday, August 16

Inconvenient Injuries

Yesterday I accidently cut the tip of my right pointer finger. Imagine a super deep paper cut on the tip of your finger. It makes typing and texting miserable.

It is almost as bad as getting a paper cut between your fingers or underneath your finger nail. I mean, how can you even put a band-aid on those places?

Monday, August 15

Ice Box Cookies

When you live with your grandparents you learn about things like ice boxes. For those of you that still remain unaware as to what ice boxes are: they are old-school refrigerators.

Tuesday, August 9

You Know What Else Everybody Likes? Parfaits!

How do you get a boy whose idea of breakfast is either an energy drink or 6 crème filled donuts to change his ways? You make a bunch of parfaits and keep them in the fridge. 

(This is lovingly dedicated to Jameson Klaser as he starts his new job and should actually eat a good breakfast each morning.)

Beauty Buys--August

Despite the back-to-school supply lists and the approaching NFL season, it's still summer. So, here are my suggestions to help you soak up the last bit of summer break and keep that warm sunny feeling into the fall.

Sunday, August 7


Sometimes it's nice to see Aslan, as well as to feel him in your heart.

Wednesday, August 3


I've got a thing for flames. I'm kinda obsessed with them. I had in the back of my mind this idea to create a series of paintings having to do with candles, but I never really acted on it.

Tuesday, August 2

It's a Colorful Life

I always wanted the box of 64. Eight colors, sixteen colors, even twenty-four colors were alright, but there is something magical when you move beyond the classic chromatics.