Friday, June 29

Raspberry Chocolate-Chip Pancakes

The beautiful Rachel Stoney showed me this decadent version of pancakes. Take a classic pancake recipe and fancy it up with some delicious fresh summer berries and sweet chocolate chips. For your dining pleasure any time of day:

Thursday, June 14

If the World Ran More Like Zelda's Ocarina of Time

What if the world ran more like Zelda's Ocarina of Time? It could be pretty darn awesome...

Monday, June 4

Heart Nails

Fun, sweet and Spring-y nail painting idea that I found on Pinterest. Light pink polish with tiny white hearts every so often.

Friday, June 1

Painting Gray: Little Bird

We have a bedroom upstairs that we painted in a gorgeous gray. Enticed by Rapunzel's wall paintings in Tangled, I was dying to have my own space to paint at whim. We chose this chic gray, and bought a gallon of bright white paint. A castle, pirate ship setting sail, dragon and more are just itching to be painted.

First, though, I started with a bird.