Wednesday, March 27

Happily Ever After Spring Wreath

Thanks to an old wreath frame, some pink berry sprigs, and an adorable little sign we got from a friend, we now have a wonderful Spring wreath!

Tuesday, March 19

Making Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Tired of spending a pretty penny for sun-dried tomatoes at the store, JK suggested we make them ourselves. What do you know? It actually worked!

Wednesday, March 6

No One Has Fought Harder

It's the sort of thing you always dream about: someone who fights for you--for your love.

Well it's more than that. Because we live in a world where dreams are often squashed and traded for something less-than, where we try to make it on our own and slap a smile on our face so no one digs any deeper, where sometimes it very hard to keep from hardening and even harder to keep ahold of your heart. So you need someone to fight for more than your love, you need someone to fight for your heart so that when the time comes, you actually have love to give.

And no one has fought harder for my heart than him.