Friday, April 11

Banana Bread

JK loves bananas but never ends up being able to eat the whole bunch before it goes bad. As a result, we have a whole slew of black bananas in our freezer--making this sweet breakfast bread an easy treat any day! 

Thursday, April 3

Year 2 of Marriage: Bases Loaded

Year two. Game on.

I've never played baseball before--not really--but I assume the 2nd year of marriage is supposed to be a little like the 2nd inning. You've got one under your belt so you're feeling good, but it's still just the beginning. It isn't crunch time. It isn't crazy. It's just to stand out in the field and if you happen to catch a fly ball, that's great.

That's how I assume year 2 goes. And honestly, that's how I felt it went until I actually starting considering all the ridiculous plays we called. And as I'm reflecting, I thought I'd let those of you in who would like to know: