Tuesday, January 31


To be fair, my last entry should have been filed under "Heart Frowns" rather than "Heart Smiles." This one, though, is aptly placed. Thanks to my best friend in the whole world, I've got my old notebook with me again. Only this time, it's rebound and filled with tons of fresh new pages.

Sunday, January 22

My Heart's Notebook

My Mac is dying. I realize it's just a computer, a piece of hardware, a small white machine, but it still hurts.

Thursday, January 19

Cheesy Chicken Dip

With the playoffs in full-swing and the Super Bowl coming up, it's time I post this AMAZING recipe. Cheesy, creamy, and warm with a zing from the hot sauce. We always make a double batch because this’ll be gone before you can say TOUCHDOWN!

Wednesday, January 18

The Apple

Part 6 of my fairytale graphic design collection. :) Inspired by Snow White & The Seven Dwarves.

Thursday, January 12

Tease & Tie

I love big hair poufs, but I'm rarely bold enough to wear them. Reminiscent of the step-sister's bustles in Cinderella, they add a lot of "Oomph" to the back.  Teasing out a pouf for your hair works fabulously for proms and formal occasions, but here's a more everyday to wear it.

Sunday, January 8

Sketch a Dress II

More dresses drawn to dream and share. :)

Thursday, January 5

The Tower

Part 5 of my fairytale graphic design collection. :) Inspired by Rapunzel.

Wednesday, January 4

My Kitten

I was scared to live by myself. Maybe it's my distaste for being in an empty house alone, my past of self-perpetuated sleeping anxieties, or my perfectly justifiable fear of mass-murders, but the idea just never (ever) sat well with me. (Ever.) But I knew without a doubt that I would be alright if I had one thing. A kitten.

Pecan Crusted Dijon Tilapia

Tilapia is a relatively cheap and mild whitefish, so it’s a great all-purpose fish on a budget. Combine it with a few ingredients you probably have on hand, and enjoy a classy meal in a snap.

Tuesday, January 3

Inky Imaginations: Ship Sketch

Who would've thought speeding up a sketch and putting it to a catchy beat would be so entertaining? It's like watching my imagination unfold right in front of me. :) Arrrr-right, here we go!

Monday, January 2

Big Curls

Big, bouncy curls seem to make any day care-free. It's my way of dressing up outfits or feeling comfier in what I'm wearing. Hot rollers and sock buns work, but my favorite is with a curling iron.