Monday, September 30

Sharpie Dishes

Sharpie dishes

I finally tested out this Pinterest project the other week thanks to my lovely life group friends! You can dish up a adorable quote in a relatively short amount of time with a sharpie and access to an oven. Read on for the "recipe."

Tuesday, September 24

Beauty Buys--September II

Technically these were all purchased in July (or was it June)? But they are timeless beauty staples to fill your bathroom drawers. Plus, I've had months to road test them, and took Paige with me while shopping so you get her newbie make-up input as well (bonus!). 

Friday, September 20

Blackened Chili-Rubbed Salmon

We have been eating a lot of delicious salmon curtesy of my mom and Jon's Alaskan trip and superior fishing skills. I still have the favorite recipe I brought back from my trip, but this one is a wonderful alternative way to cook that perfect pink fish.

Tuesday, September 17

Letting it Go & Bringing it Back

There comes some times in life when you just have to let stuff go. Regrets, grudges, insecurities, or just plain bad feelings. Sure, it's easy to say to toss those out. But sometimes you have to let the "good" things drop too.

You let them good for the greater good. Or maybe for the good of your sanity. Only, the thing with those is that you know you'll bring them back sooner or later.