Tuesday, September 24

Beauty Buys--September II

Technically these were all purchased in July (or was it June)? But they are timeless beauty staples to fill your bathroom drawers. Plus, I've had months to road test them, and took Paige with me while shopping so you get her newbie make-up input as well (bonus!). 

Nars 'Orgasm' Power Blush: I'll start by saying that you are more than welcome to call this shade "O" which I did when first exposed to its lovely color when I was a mere 15 years old. Now I think I can say it's actual name without naturally blushing (maybe). If you haven't heard of it yet, you may have been living under a make-up-less rock. It's the blush color because it looks amazing on everyone. I love the coral sheen on my pale skin, and it looks fabulous on Paige with her olive complexion. Soft. Silky. Wonderful shimmer. A++

Clinique's Superbalanced Liquid Foundation in 'Alabaster': #1. I have been terrified of liquid foundation since my horrible greasy-faced high school days where I glopped on loads to cover my complexion. Therefore, I had planned to restock my traditional Bare Minerals foundation. #2. Paige was terrified of all foundations and only even allowed some to be tested on her after I all but pushed her into the hands of the make-up artist at Ulta. Result: We both left beaming about how amazing our skin looked and discussing the lightweight feel of the make-up with new bottles of liquid foundation in our hands.

Paige now wears this as a daily foundation which if you know anything about her goes to show you how incredibly light and clean it looks and feels on your face. I've been completely converted to this liquid foundation--it looks so much more dewy and natural than powder without the greasy feel I associated with other liquids. Clinique offers various formulas for normal, dry, oily and combination skin so there's some for everyone!

Walgreen's (Studio 35 Beauty) Eye Make-Up Remover: I kinda wear water proof mascara obsessively, so it's super important to me to find something that gets it off well (especially after hearing about eye-lash mites...thanks Mary Kay friends.) I'm pretty picky when it comes to eye make-up remover. It has to be really soft and gentle but do the job so well that you can see my pale white eye lashes each night by the end of it. For a generic, this stuff rocks and reminds me of the pricey Mary Kay alternative. (You even have to shake it up to get the two liquids to mix before using). A splash on a cotton ball cleans both my eyes in a soft, silky snap!

Benefit's High Beam: So when I put this on my cheeks, Paige told me I looked like a mermaid. That's pretty much what sold me. (And sells me to this day when I put it on each morning and bask in it's seaside shimmer-ness.) It adds a gorgeous highlight to your face, and blends in smoothly over your regular make-up. Lovely.

Benefit's Bad Gal Lash Mascara: Got this as a free sample after picking up a few fun Benefit items, and have to say I rather loved it. Maybe it was just that smooth, creamy brand-new mascara feel that I liked so much or maybe this stuff is pretty good. Either way, I still prefer it over my traditional Mabelline mascara most days. That being said, I'm not sure if I'd completely shift my mascara loyalties or splurge for this once my sample runs out, but I'm definitely enjoying it in the meantime!

(If you're looking for some more September Beauty Buys, pop over to my post from a previous year!)

Have a beautiful day!

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