Tuesday, September 17

Letting it Go & Bringing it Back

There comes some times in life when you just have to let stuff go. Regrets, grudges, insecurities, or just plain bad feelings. Sure, it's easy to say to toss those out. But sometimes you have to let the "good" things drop too.

You let them good for the greater good. Or maybe for the good of your sanity. Only, the thing with those is that you know you'll bring them back sooner or later.

Some days the dishes just don't get washed; sometimes the floors go weeks without being vaccumed. You don't cook a home-cooked meal in a month and even spend months without picking up a favorite read. Because sometimes you've just got a bigger thing to get sorted out.

A baby, a bath renovation, a bronchitis infection. Who knows?

For me, it was a business.

We finally took the leap to go full-time with our budding new business, and while I couldn't be happier, it was hard for me to let some really good things go for a little while so we could sort ourselves out for a great life. Business proposals, accounting, health insurance, meetings, establishing new routines, setting up a home office, and praying a heck of a lot that we wouldn't end up poor and in a gutter, has consumed my life for the past several weeks. And if the emotional strain of all that isn't enough to leave one paralyzed, the discouragement I felt at having to let things go just might've sent me over the edge.

(Might have.) If it hadn't been for all the reassurance and support from others, I would've spent days beating myself up for not "doing it all."

But I'm hear to tell you (as my loves told me) let it go. Set it down. Get to it later. And be alright with that. Because the really great things will bob back up to the surface once the wave of all-consuming newness settles. They'll come back sooner or later. And by that time your brain will be better suited to handle them.

I let it go, took my time, but now I guess I'm here to say: I'm back to blogging!

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