Wednesday, September 28

Pizza Dough

When I first made this, I cursed the dough the whole time. Then I baked it and tasted it. BEST CRUST EVER!

Monday, September 26

Press START to Begin

I love video games.

I was that 1st grade girl who hung out with the kindergarden boy next door because he had Super Mario 3 and I just loved the power Mario wielded once he ate that raccoon-morph-inducing feather.

Pineapple Chicken Skewers

Oh how I miss Psych... Pineapple!!

Tangy, refreshing, and the dipping sauce is the best barbeque ever. We make a double or triple batch of the sauce to have homemade barbeque anytime. :)

Friday, September 23

Sideways Braid

After finding a breathtaking picture of a sideways braid, I decided I must try it out for myself.

Tuesday, September 20

Easy Spaghetti & Meatballs

Meatballs always seem very intimidating to make. Recipes usually call for 3 types of meats—pork, beef, veal. And the amount of spices are crazy! However, I found this recipe and LOVE it. Simple, cheap, and fresh meatballs anytime.

Outfit of the Day--Melon Dress

Two looks, one $5 dress at Goodwill. Travel from the last bit of summer's warmth into a snuggly fall sweater.

Fashion Sketch--Melon Dress

I used to do quick sketches for myself to remember different hairstyles I wanted to try out. Then, I thought maybe I'd take it a step further to share some of my favorite outfits. Here's the first batch--inspired by a fabulous Goodwill find--my watermelon colored dress.

Monday, September 19

Cake Monday

It's hard to make a Monday better. With a full work day, classes, and coaching Quidditch (oh, did I say coaching? I mean trying to keep 12 boys from stabbing each other with brooms or pelting each other in the face with black dodgeballs) at the start of the week, I can get a pretty bad case of the Mondays pretty darn quickly. The best remedy? A little something my college roommies cooked up: "Cake Monday".

Friday, September 16

My Favorite Wonky Words

I love words. I love the sound of them strung sweetly together and how a single word or syllable can invoke all sorts of feelings. I sort of collect words. 

Not in a stamp collection or dictionary kind of way, but I wear certain words on my tongue like flavors of the week (or month, or year, or what have you). To make it into my casual repertoire, a word must meet the following criteria:

Mini Chocolate Chip Scones

Chocolate chip scones in a smaller version that's much more endearing. :)

Monday, September 12

To Sleep: Perchance to Dream

Sleep. Mmmmm sleep.

There are times when the whisper of that word sounds so lovely... Grab a fluffy pillow (or a pillow case with about 3 feathers if you're Jk), and cozy up to these wonderfully sleepy thoughts:

Friday, September 9

Beauty Buys--September

Sharing some of my beauty buys to spruce up a casual look as we head into fall. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 7


Home is different than a house.  Home is where your heart feels full and you feel safe. A house is where you live. Sometimes they're the same. Sometimes they're not.

When I picture home, this is what I see.

But when I really think of home, I think of something that will come much later.

It was the Unicorn who summed up what everyone was feeling..."I have come home at last! This is my real country! I belong here. This is the land I have been looking for all my life, though I never knew it till now. The reason why we loved the old Narnia is that it sometimes looked a little like this."
--CS Lewis, The Last Battle

Monday, September 5

A Cause to Believe In

Jk wears this green bracelet all the time. It's one of those rubber, livestrong-like bracelets that only cost about $2, but it means the world to me.