Monday, September 19

Cake Monday

It's hard to make a Monday better. With a full work day, classes, and coaching Quidditch (oh, did I say coaching? I mean trying to keep 12 boys from stabbing each other with brooms or pelting each other in the face with black dodgeballs) at the start of the week, I can get a pretty bad case of the Mondays pretty darn quickly. The best remedy? A little something my college roommies cooked up: "Cake Monday".

Who doesn't love cake? And who doesn't know of a day that didn't get better with cake? A sweet pre-dinner treat is just what everyone needs to start off their week.

It all started when Rachel decided to bake a cake.
On a Monday.

Who would've thought that would be such a phenomenal idea? If anything can pull you out of the rainy Monday blues, it's a nice slice of funfetti cake. And with a box of cake mix at around $1, who can beat that?

A random cake on a random Monday, became a cake every Monday--hence, "Cake Monday." Nothing brings people together like cake--which is why I suppose they serve it at birthdays and weddings. There's something festive and joyful about it--which is why it's the best idea for the worst day of the week.

During my very first Lent, Jameson and I celebrated "Cheesecake Sunday" each week. It was our day to chat and snack on some decadent cheesecake while the rest of the week was devoted to giving up sweets. (I'll have you know cheesecake is mostly cheese anyway--cream cheese that is..).

So, grab a box of cake mix, pick out a package of break-and-bake cookies, snag a bag of dozen donuts or keep a coffee cake on hand for the Mondays in your life. And make your morning or afternoon or Monday a celebration.

Happy "Cake Monday", all!

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