Tuesday, September 20

Outfit of the Day--Melon Dress

Two looks, one $5 dress at Goodwill. Travel from the last bit of summer's warmth into a snuggly fall sweater.

Look 1: Summer Melon

  1. Side french braid pony tail--braided to the tip.
  2. Honeydew colored, three-quarter length cardigan from J.Crew.
  3. Fabulous, big, infinity-looking belt from Anthro. In a light carmel color.
  4. Melon dress. Sleeveless with gold beading and scrunchy pleats at the top. Originally from Ann Taylor Loft (purchased at Goodwill).
  5. Brown, leather flip flops. (My summer staple).

Look 2: Fall Squash

  1. Big curls with double bobby pins or a headband.
  2. Over-sized knitted sweater in cream color from Hollister. 
  3. Big, dark brown belt from Anthro.
  4. Melon dress. 
  5. Brown gladiator sandals from Target.

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