Friday, December 30

Sketch a Dress

Sometimes you just have to look at pretty things. Or imagine them. Or (in my case) draw them with a Sharpie and some crayons. I sketched 15 little dresses today. Too bad I can't sew any of them. Perhaps they'll just have to stay in my dreams. Or sketchbook. Or blog for my enjoyment and yours.

Tuesday, December 27

Chalkboard Wall

After holding up various pictures and mirrors in our kitchen/ dining room area, we finally decided on a much less traditional (and much more interesting) route for our wall feature.

Friday, December 23

The Frog

Part 4 of my fairytale graphic design collection. :) Inspired by The Princess and the Frog.

Thursday, December 22

Rockin' Sidekicks

Forget Robin, he was lagitimately lame, but I'm here to argue that there are some sidekicks who are way better than their legendary counterparts. Let us begin...

Wednesday, December 21

Beauty Buys--December

Chestnuts might be roasting on an open fire, but if Jack Frost is nipping at your nose, at least you can keep the rest of you looking good. Here are a few of my winter favorites this month.

Picture Gallery

It finally felt like home when Jk came over one day and said he wanted to hang up pictures. 

Monday, December 19

Messy Side Twist

For those days when you want a pulled-together look when your hair isn't as tame as it should be, here's an easy, messy side twist.

Sunday, December 18

Hamburgers & Homemade Fries

Who doesn’t need a burger once in a while? JK. He needs one every day.

Thursday, December 15

Shell Frame

I found this absolutely lovely frame at Pier 1. The whole front is made of up tiny shells, and the intricacy and texture is just amazing! It's like lovely white roses made of porcelain. I'm a huge fan of mixing classic with textured and detailed elements. Plus, I thought this was just beautiful. 

Currently, I'm just waiting for an equally lovely picture to put inside it. Maybe a wedding one? :)

Wednesday, December 14

The Cape

Part 3 of my fairytale graphic design collection. :) Inspired by Little Red Ridding Hood.

Tuesday, December 13

The Shoe

Part 2 of my fairytale graphic design collection. :) Inspired by Cinderella and her lost shoe.

Monday, December 12

Our Sweet Home

For me, it wasn't getting the keys to our first house that made my heart smile. It's been the process of making the house a home that is one of the most magical exploits ever.

The Pea

Part 1 of my fairytale graphic design collection. :) Inspired by The Princess and the Pea.

Sunday, December 11

Apricot-Glazed Pork Tenderloin

If you want a super refined meal with very few ingredients, go for this. We were shocked with the taste and ease of this dish. Plus, leftovers taste great on a sandwich!

Tuesday, December 6

A Kid on Christmas

Oh to be a kid on Christmas... I might be just beyond that stage, but that can't stop me from dreaming. Here's a list of all the kids' toys I legitimately want this year:

Monday, December 5

Upon a Pie

"Once Upon A Pie" is a compilation of all the things that make my life fuller presented in a picturesque little blog that I hope brings a little bit of breath and joy to others. But really, it's more than that.

Pie Crust

This is like my most valuable recipe. 

There's something about making your very own pie from scratch. For me, it makes my heart fuller, my problems smaller, and my dessert sweeter. Making your own pie crust can be something that drives you or drives you crazy. I've learned that it's less about the actual ingredients and recipe, than your perspective and how you actually deal with the dough. 

So, here we go--how I make my crusts (a much overdue recipe) from the deepest part of my cooking heart to yours.