Tuesday, December 27

Chalkboard Wall

After holding up various pictures and mirrors in our kitchen/ dining room area, we finally decided on a much less traditional (and much more interesting) route for our wall feature.

Did you know they now not only make chalkboard paint but also paint that adheres to plastic and metal? They also make magnetic paint and dry erase paint. The possibilities really are endless... We stuck with regular old chalkboard paint, though, and went with a fun design that I sketched on the wall first. After taping it off, we got to painting!

It dries relatively quickly (as far as paint goes). After the first coat was done, we slopped on another thick 2nd coat, and waited for it to dry completely overnight.

After removing the tape (and fixing up a few of the edges) we ended up with this:

Ta-Da!! Now I need a big set of chalk, and I can doodle to my hearts content during dinner (or lunch. or breakfast. or whenever I well please because it's our house!)

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  1. O my goodness, Megan, your chalkboard looks so cute! What a creative idea!