Tuesday, December 6

A Kid on Christmas

Oh to be a kid on Christmas... I might be just beyond that stage, but that can't stop me from dreaming. Here's a list of all the kids' toys I legitimately want this year:

Zing's Z-Curve Bow: Better than nerf, this bow actually requires you to pull back on it like a regular bow and arrow. Not only that, but it comes with "regular" arrows and ones with suction cups on the end. How much would I love lining up random items and shooting them with this from across the house... I could even get a paint-ball like nerf battle going on in my home in the middle of winter. How clutch would that be???

Playmobil's Egyptian Pyramid Set: We had almost every Playmobil set imaginable growing up. I'm sure there were at least 2 Christmas' when that's all we got, but I've been desperately pining for this the day I saw that big beautiful blue box. A sarcophagus, secret rooms, an Anubis headdress and a guy that looks like the stealthiest ninja around?! Let's just say, if this set was buried near the Nile, I'd turn instant grave-robber.

Lego's Harry Potter Years 5-7 for XBox360: If Lego's Indiana Jones, Star Wars, and Pirates of the Caribbean weren't awesome enough, they finally came out with Harry Potter. I zipped through the first game like a seeker chasing a snitch, and now I just can't wait to get my hands on the second one. Plus, who doesn't love watching a lego version of Voldemort crumble into lego pieces while all your favorite HP characters celebrated excitedly without words?

The Girl's Doodle Book by Andrew Pinder: I love doodling, but sometimes my mind isn't quite as creative as my hand. This coloring-book-of-sorts is amazing because it starts pictures (and my lazy imagination) and let's you finish them off in a flourish. I bought the Halloween version at B&N under the guise of using it in the classroom, but I'd dreamily doodle my way through a non-holiday-specific one any day of the year! And when I finish this, I can buy the doodle doll book and the one for boys. Oh what fun it is to draw!

This year, when you're purchasing toys for kids just so you can live vicariously through them, maybe you can pick up a little something for me so I can have my own fun. :D

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  1. I saw that ninja and was like "where have I seen that guy before?"


    he's the magi from The Mummy!