Thursday, March 22

Once Upon a Time: Red Riding Hood Braid

Everyone could use a little fairytale inspiration every now and again. Here's mine, picked up from my new favorite show: ABC's "Once Upon a Time." A timeless and sweet braid that looks like a crown atop your head of locks. Inspired by the show's Little Red Riding Hood and her gorgeous 'do, I had to of course add a little red bow.

Monday, March 12

Beauty Buys--March

With winter waning, and spring blossoming right outside our doors, it's time to give yourself a little beauty refresher as well! Here are my beauty buys for March keeping my skin and nails soft and refreshed for new beginnings. :)

Wednesday, March 7

Chicken Tortilla Soup

The most delicious soup south of the border and cooked in the easiest way possible!

Friday, March 2

52 Things I Love About You

This is an adorable little Valentine's Day idea that I found online: Taking a deck of cards and putting things you love about a special person on each card. However, you don't have to wait another 340 some odd days until the next "day of love"--in my opinion, everyday should be a day of love!

Thursday, March 1

The Little Things

I've been an ardent studier of marriages my whole life. The concept always curled around my heart and stayed their sweetly as I constantly daydreamed of it. It goes deeper than just having a pretty wedding dress or a Mrs. in front of my name. It's an entire new world of beauty. And I am oh so excited for it. But mostly, I'm excited for the little things about being married...