Thursday, March 1

The Little Things

I've been an ardent studier of marriages my whole life. The concept always curled around my heart and stayed their sweetly as I constantly daydreamed of it. It goes deeper than just having a pretty wedding dress or a Mrs. in front of my name. It's an entire new world of beauty. And I am oh so excited for it. But mostly, I'm excited for the little things about being married...

*Brushing teeth together
*Shopping for appliances, paint colors, drywall screws, and paper towels
*Watching the sunrise
*Matching luggage
*Debating cat litters, diapers, and cold medicines
*Signing a new name
*Making breakfast together
*Pillow fights
*Trying not to laugh when disciplining our kids for something weird they did
*Making grocery lists
*Sneaking kisses
*Sharing a bank account and checks
*Borrowing his clothes whenever
*Waking up together on Christmas morning
*Doing our laundry
*Camping in our backyard
*Feeling completely accepted
*Sharing a room

and just being his.

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