Monday, March 12

Beauty Buys--March

With winter waning, and spring blossoming right outside our doors, it's time to give yourself a little beauty refresher as well! Here are my beauty buys for March keeping my skin and nails soft and refreshed for new beginnings. :)

Simple's Moisturizing Facial Wash: After a big fall-out with my usual cleanser, I went without anything for a while. Sure, oatmeal leaves your skin lusciously soft and silky, but I needed something that cleaned too. Now I'm not a green or organic fanatic by any means, but I wasn't too keen about going back to some sudsy chemicals that made me feel like I was washing my skin with detergent. What's a girl to do? Well, the wonderful woman in the Walgreen's beauty department had just the remedy: Simple's Moisturizing Facial Wash. This face wash is AMAZING. With one wash, I was in love. The name has it right on--it is incredibly moisturizing but it also washes all my make-up off in a clean lather. It's specifically for sensitive skin, but locks in moisture for those with dry skin and whisks away oils in a flash for others who have oily skin. One word: PERFECT! Plus, it smells deliciously sweet and soft and my skin has never felt smoother!

Eclos' Skin Renewal Clay Mask: For spring you just gotta love something from Eclos--the company based around plant stem-cells that helps you age youthfully. Their line of skincare is wonderfully refreshing. I almost bought their facial cleanser, but went with Simple's instead and decided to give Eclos' mask a go. A little goes a long way with this soft clay mask. Use a thin layer on clean skin and then wash off after 5-10 minutes once it's dry. It smells delightful and leaves your skin tight and squeaky clean! Though I'd say once a week (rather than their twice suggested) is plenty because it's pretty potent.

Sephora's Nail Buffer: You can buy a pack of 3 of these for $8 at Sephora. Leave one in your purse, keep another in the bathroom, and gift the third to a friend or keep it next to the TV to shine your nails without the icky polish smell. These buffers have 4 color-popping sides that start you filing your nails to leaving them with a dewy glistening buff. Buffing my nails is just about the only way I can keep from biting them, so you can bet I'll be using this overtime to keep my nails at a pretty length for the wedding!

Enjoy yourself some wonderful spring weather and leap into it like a soft little lamb (rather than a lion!). :)

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