Friday, March 2

52 Things I Love About You

This is an adorable little Valentine's Day idea that I found online: Taking a deck of cards and putting things you love about a special person on each card. However, you don't have to wait another 340 some odd days until the next "day of love"--in my opinion, everyday should be a day of love!

Every day is a chance to show someone how special they are to you, so grab an extra cup of coffee for a friend, send a sweet text, or pick up a deck of cards to brighten a day!

For Jameson's deck, I made black and red text boxes in word that would fit exactly over the middle part of the cards and typed a thing I love about him on each card. Some are serious, others are silly. All are true. :)

Then, I printed them off (copy paper words just fine, cardstock makes the cards too thick) and attached them with thick, clear packaging tape. 

Now we've got a lovely deck of love!