Saturday, February 14

Everyday will be a Day of Love

Happy St. Valentine's Day. I think it'd odd that some random guy is the representative for the national day of love in this country... but I suppose I don't know enough about Catholicism, saints, or how national holidays are created to criticize his position.

It's weird that so many people have such a negative view of Valentine's Day. They accuse it of being a holiday for Hallmark--for cards, chocolates, and.. couples. But I think it's for everyone.

My earliest memories of Valentine's Day are handing out cards to all my classmates, and receiving ones from my friends. My parents always have shown me that I am loved on Valentine's Day--whether I have a boyfriend or not. My dad's given me flowers and chocolates, and my mom always gives cards, gifts that make me smile or last year she even cut out a cookie recipe for me. My grandparents tell me they love me. My siblings. My friends. One should find themselves hard-pressed to be without love any day--especially this one. When I have a family of my own, I envision us each making little mailboxes to put outside our doors. Throughout the year we'll deliver messages of love and encouragement to each other.

Everyday will be Valentine's Day. Everyday will be a Day of Love.

I love love. Not falling-in-love love, but genuine love. Love is patient, and it is kind. Yes-but love is also so many other things.

It is being honest. Being open. And being there.
Love is feeling comforted by a hug.
It is wanting the other person's hopes and dreams to come true even if it isn't what you hoped and dreamed about.
It is listening.
Love is seeing the person for who they really are--even when they can't see it.
Love is giving.
Love is receiving.
It is loving deeply even when you know that person is not going to be with you long.
Love is taking chances.
It is feeling safe.
It's about letting yourself feel special. And it's about letting the other person feel that way too.
Love is true.
And real love never goes away.

The hardest part about love is opening your heart and remembering that real love will never let you down.

Because real love leaves you feeling more yourself.
More hopeful.
More true.

May everyday contain a love like that for you, and have a blessed Day of Love.

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