Sunday, October 30

Fiery Tree

This was the very first painting I did when I bought my own canvas, acrylic paints, and set of brushes. I saw this photograph in a book, and thought I'd try my hand at painting it.

Monday, October 24

French Toast

French toast is relatively simple, but when I first tried to learn the recipe (I was about 9) it couldn't have been more complicated.

Hopefully this is easier for you to do than it was for my 9 year-old self. If you've already mastered this sweet breakfast treat, then maybe it'll inspire you to fancy up your week-day mornings--french toast style.

Wednesday, October 19

Inky Imaginations

Just give me a pen on a rainy day, and I'll slip into a whole other world...

Monday, October 17

My Glistening Yarn

I've only been in a couple yarn shops, but from what I can gather, there are about two different types. The first type of yarn store is the kind that makes you feel as though you're curling up by a fire with real logs silently sipping from a cup of hot chocolate with real marshmallows. You go in to find real woolen yarn from real sheep that you expect to be humbly housed in a quaint little farm in the hills of Ireland or Wales or Scotland.

Sunday, October 16

A Little Lace

I've been feeling girly lately. And nothing makes me feel prettier than adding a little lace to my locks.

Saturday, October 15

Chicken & Broccoli Alfredo

Alfredo is always one of 3 of JK’s dinner suggestions. This recipe has a homemade sauce and broccoli to make it so delicious and way better than the kind you find in a jar.

Wednesday, October 12

Sock Bun

For the perfect bun every time forget the bobby pins and hair ties... all you really need is a tattered sock.

Tuesday, October 11

Where's My Cell? I Need To...

After a little internet inspiration, I've come up with all the areas in which my cell phone has become my crutch. Can you relate? :)

Where's my cell? I need to...

Friday, October 7

Best Get Yourself Some Boots

Rainy fall days, chilly fall nights. Snowy winter mornings and brisk winter eves. You best get yourself some boots.

Wednesday, October 5

What it's Like...

It's like spending every night looking up at the stars--singing sparkling melodies to each other, and then going out far from town and for the first time really seeing the stars in all their splendor--how they paint the entire night sky, filling it tip to tip.

Saturday, October 1

How to Dunk

The very first time I went out with Jk and his family, Jameson showed me how to dunk. I call his move the "Running Jump Rim Removal."