Monday, October 17

My Glistening Yarn

I've only been in a couple yarn shops, but from what I can gather, there are about two different types. The first type of yarn store is the kind that makes you feel as though you're curling up by a fire with real logs silently sipping from a cup of hot chocolate with real marshmallows. You go in to find real woolen yarn from real sheep that you expect to be humbly housed in a quaint little farm in the hills of Ireland or Wales or Scotland.

This was the first type of yarn shop I had ever been in, and I loved it. It's one of those places that makes you feel as though you're home even though you've never been there before. And if it's occupied by a few loquacious elderly ladies knitting away scarves rolling halfway out the door, it's even better. In this type of shop you expect dark woods and felted embellishments and friendly smiles from Mrs. Fezziwig-like women who are delighted with any interest you take in yarns.

But then there's another type of yarn shop that exists. The second type of yarn store is the kind that makes you feel as though you've entered into a sunny ribbon shop from the times when balls and calligraphed letters where the social media of the day. You go in to find elaborate yarns laced with lace and beads and the silkiest of strands that seem to be thinner than embroidery floss.

When you enter into a shop like this, you just feel delightfully beautiful, and you pause at each ball of yarn, examining the intricacy like you would delicate seashells on a beach. And if you imagined the seashells to be glistening and in the most wonderful array of colors, that is what it is like. In this type of shop you expect white painted surfaces lovingly worn and wire hat stands with the latest woolen fashions and the beaming smiles of girls who beg you to bring in your finished design so they can marvel at its loveliness.

Normally I go into the cozy first type of yarn shops. However, the second type requires a visit every so often as well--so long as your purse can handle such luxury. The first time I ever went into one of these second shops, only one ball out of all the others really caught my eye. It's beauty resonated with me so much, that I ventured back to the store months later with the hope of just seeing it once again.

Last week not only was I overjoyed to see it again, but I decided to buy it. It's the most wonderful yarn I have ever seen, and it was even better than I remembered it to be.

It's white. My favorite color. And it has tiny glass beads woven in so it's a bit like snow--the way it glistens on a sunny day. Or powdered sugar.

Which, if you know my heart, makes it smile very, very much.

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