Saturday, October 1

How to Dunk

The very first time I went out with Jk and his family, Jameson showed me how to dunk. I call his move the "Running Jump Rim Removal."

The best thing about boys is that they get you interested in things you wouldn't normally be interested in--like watching 4 hours of football and never wanting to miss a single "C'mon Man!" on a Monday night.
Jk introduced me to those things. That and golfing greens, dunk contests, and he even got me wanting to buy my own custom pair of Nike shocks at one point (I can get orange, pink and have them monogrammed? Yes please!). I'd play elaborate pretend games where I was a princess, some cabin girl stowing away on a boat, Link trying to listen to Navi's relentless relaying of useless information, or Ron Weasley. I played dolls and stores and dress-up and put on plays and decorated my room and read stories.

He had played basketball. Unceasingly. And while he did, a constant feed of commentators broadcasting his amazing plays would circle around in his imagination.

That's why I like boys. When they like something--they really like something. And they stick with it. That's how Jk was with basketball. And that's why I painted him this picture a couple years ago. It's inspired by The Land of Nod's "Dunk You Very Much" poster. But mine's in red because red is Jk's favorite color. :)

It's for him, and it's a tribute to little boys and big boys everywhere who dream big and are the MVP's of our hearts.

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