Wednesday, October 5

What it's Like...

It's like spending every night looking up at the stars--singing sparkling melodies to each other, and then going out far from town and for the first time really seeing the stars in all their splendor--how they paint the entire night sky, filling it tip to tip.

It's like sitting in a cold basement with a sweater on, and then stepping outside into the afternoon sun. The brightness and warmth envelops you, and you feel like you'll never be cold again. And as your eyes adjust to the sun and look around, you really begin to see that no other light can compare.

It's like spending hours perusing the beautiful silk flowers in the aisles of the craft store, and then being presented with a bouquet of real flowers, and as you feel their velvety, soft and dewy petals under your finger tips, and soak in their sweet scent, the rows and rows of silk flowers pale in comparison to your group of five.

It's like hugging a teddy bear for years and years, and then finally feeling the strong, arms of a real person hugging you back. Not only that, but they're whispering that they love you, and you can see it in their eyes.

It's like seeing a diamond in the sunlight, tasting ice cold water when you're dying of thirst, or having a fresh blanket of snow cover the muddy streets and fall gently from the sky on an early winter morning.

It's like hearing a song for the very first time, but somehow knowing it already and realizing that it's the song that's always been inside you and that you were always meant to sing. And then you sing it.

That's what it's like.

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  1. Sounds like you bought the new fifa too? ;-)