Tuesday, October 11

Where's My Cell? I Need To...

After a little internet inspiration, I've come up with all the areas in which my cell phone has become my crutch. Can you relate? :)

Where's my cell? I need to...

  1. Call someone...from a different phone. "Thanks for lending me your phone, but it really is no use to me unless it contains my entire address book." I didn't even have Jk's number memorized until a year and a half after he got his new number. 
  2. See what time it is. 
  3. Wake up in the morning. For some reason I feel that it's unfeasible to ask someone to wake up at a certain time if their cell phone isn't properly charged. Apparently they have these things called alarm clocks...?
  4. See in the dark. "No! The light switch is too bright for my eyes, and I'm too lazy to feel around for it."
  5. Know the date. And the day of the week. "Tuesday? Cool, thanks!"
  6. Time something. Who wants to watch the second hand on an analog when you can just let your phone figure it out for you? "You held your breath for 2:05:24."
  7. Multiply 2 digit numbers.
  8. Remember your number. And last name. I'm horrible with names. "Hold on!...new...contact...Ok!"
  9. Take a picture. Now!
  10. Upload something onto my computer. Who needs a flash drive when you've got bluetooth? Plus, I prefer sending things from my phone to using pesky camera cords any day.
  11. Get somewhere. "Saying it's on the north side of the street means nothing to me. Hearing 'Turn left in .4 miles' from a robot does."
  12. Type in my next hair appointment. And find a time to see the dentist.
  13. Talk to someone.
  14. Show you something.. like this dress I'm thinking about buying. "Like it? :)"
  15. Figure out how you know if a pineapple is ripe. Or come up with the name of that actress in that one movie with the guy. Or see if the Pats are losing.
*ding dong*

"That's my phone!"

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