Wednesday, October 12

Sock Bun

For the perfect bun every time forget the bobby pins and hair ties... all you really need is a tattered sock.

Cut the toe off an old (clean!) sock--or one who's match has been lost to the laundry abyss. Then, keep rolling the edges of your sock tube down until you form a sock "donut"--your magic sock donut that produces buns beyond compare and beautiful big curls. :)

For classical beauty or a ballerina bun, first start by making a ponytail wherever you would like your bun. Then, slip your sock "donut" through your ponytail and slide it down to the ends. Drape the ends of your ponytail over the "donut" and tuck them underneath.

Next, you just flip the donut towards your head, several times, tucking your hair underneath and into the "donut." Keep doing this until you're at your hair tie, and viola! instant bun in less than 60 seconds!

Want bouncing curls without the heat or headache? You can also use this donut and bun technique on damp hair, sleep in it overnight, and wake up to gorgeous curls in the morning once you take out your bun. 

Enjoy, Lovelies!

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