Sunday, October 30

Fiery Tree

This was the very first painting I did when I bought my own canvas, acrylic paints, and set of brushes. I saw this photograph in a book, and thought I'd try my hand at painting it.

I cannot convey what a thrill it was to watch a series of black dots from my small brush form leaves on a tree. Or to see the yellows, golds and oranges blur into the perfect backdrop. It was like watching a movie unfold or a photograph develop.

That was when I realized how amazing painting was. And that's when I developed my undying love for monochromatic and silhouetted pictures. There's something about the colored backgrounds that brings the black and white pictures to life. The shadows hint at shapes, and it lets your imagination finish the rest.

It's like reading a book, and I love it.

Enjoy these last days of October, and set your imagination aflame.

1 comment:

  1. It's such a beautiful painting :) You are a great artist, and have an amazing imagination :)