Thursday, June 23

Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Cold...

I like it on my face.

I'm not much for home remedies or anything advertised as organic, but after St. Ives changed the ingredients of my favorite face wash (The Olive Cleanser if you must know--but it's not worth buying anymore), I was in the market for a new daily face-washing regimen. My once beloved cleanser which reminded me of sunny days in Athens, Greece and smelled better than any addicting Herbal Essence shampoo, was cruelly changed into a glorified bottle of dawn soap.

I thought I could live with the odd coloring.
I thought I could live with the soapy windex smell.
I thought I could live with the mildly drying affects it had.

Then I thought, "What am i thinking?"

After watching Bubbi's video about an oatmeal cleanser, I thought I'd give it a shot. Hey--for $3.29 why not buy a giant container of oats. Plus, I figured if it didn't work out with my face, my stomach would surely enjoy some homemade granola.

After my first oatmeal face washing I was hooked.

Smoother skin.
Clearer complexion.
More even skin tone.
Smaller pores.
Deliciously milky smell that makes me feel like Cleopatra.

More oatmeal please!

Would you like a bowl?

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