Monday, December 5

Pie Crust

This is like my most valuable recipe. 

There's something about making your very own pie from scratch. For me, it makes my heart fuller, my problems smaller, and my dessert sweeter. Making your own pie crust can be something that drives you or drives you crazy. I've learned that it's less about the actual ingredients and recipe, than your perspective and how you actually deal with the dough. 

So, here we go--how I make my crusts (a much overdue recipe) from the deepest part of my cooking heart to yours.
This makes a double batch of 9 in pie crust (aka enough for a pie with a “lid”). I usually double the recipe and freeze half.

¾ c shortening 
2 c flour
1 tsp. salt
1 tbs. sugar
4-8 tbs. ice water
* extra flour for rolling 

*deep breath* Alright, here we go. But before we start remember a few things… work the dough as little as possible, make sure your ice water is super cold, and if you can, store your Crisco in the fridge or freezer prior. Most importantly, though, make it with your heart. (And it doesn't hurt to imagine yourself in a cute little dress or apron while doing it--or better yet, put one on! :) )

Cut your shortening into about inch to half inch cubes and place in the food processor. Add the flour, salt and sugar.

Pulse for about 3 seconds. Mix just enough (until it looks like coarse meal), then stop.

Add 4 tbs. of ice water. Pulse until mixed, then stop. Feel your dough. It needs to hold together well but it shouldn’t feel sticky. Add more tbs. of water or flour accordingly.

When your dough is right, take out of the food processor and place onto a sheet of plastic wrap. Wrap the dough into a disk, flattening a bit but cupping the edges so they don’t fray or crumble.

Then, you can do a few things, you can wrap in foil and freeze, place in the fridge to let it cool and set so its easier to roll, or you can unwrap it and put it on a floured surface to roll out. Use a lot of flour when you’re rolling and work it as little as possible.

Once it’s rolled out, stick a knife or spatula underneath to make sure it doesn’t stick. Then, transfer it to your pie pan by rolling it onto your rolling pin.

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