Monday, December 5

Upon a Pie

"Once Upon A Pie" is a compilation of all the things that make my life fuller presented in a picturesque little blog that I hope brings a little bit of breath and joy to others. But really, it's more than that.

"Once Upon A Pie" was (and perhaps still is) the proposed name of a bakery I wanted to run with the person who makes my heart happiest. We tossed around a lot of different names as we milled around in our college rooms and postponed pointless homework assignments, but after a few days, "Once Upon A Pie" quite happily just fell upon our minds, and we knew that nothing else would ever top it. 

Charities of the month with corresponding cookies, adorably named desserts, a special counter for kids only, bitty bits in the form of mini pies and cupcakes, hot chocolate served daily, and a cozy fireplace were all things we wanted. We thought of cooking classes for friends, birthday parties, field trips, and date nights. We thought of logos and store layouts and a mission statement and everything. We even had a cute little place picked out. It's a lovely dream, and though we thought it slightly out of our financial reach, we still clung to the hope that one day maybe our lives could be devoted to jobs that actually mattered to us. 

That's what this blog is--things that actually matter to me--matter to us, actually. And I've noticed that when I get away from focusing on those things. Life gets pretty dry. 

That's not what I want. I want a life full of love and adventure and joys and goodness and generosity and beauty and creativity and everything else everyone longs to know of. I want my Once Upon A... and I've found, that if I take the step of faith to keep reading on and being willing to live out the story, it just gets better and better. 

So, I invite you to walk with me as I continue Once Upon A Pie-ing and perhaps the more I focus on those things that matter most, I'll have the courage to pursue them completely. And I pray that as you keep reading, that you, too develop an eye for the Once Upon A Pie-musings in your own life and seek them just as ardently.

And maybe then, we'll all be able to eat our "pies"

...Happily Ever After

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