Friday, December 30

Sketch a Dress

Sometimes you just have to look at pretty things. Or imagine them. Or (in my case) draw them with a Sharpie and some crayons. I sketched 15 little dresses today. Too bad I can't sew any of them. Perhaps they'll just have to stay in my dreams. Or sketchbook. Or blog for my enjoyment and yours.

"Yes Please" (above) is precisely what I would wear every single day (in various colors) if I lived in a much more fashion-friendly time period. I would also have a cute little chateau. Or maybe 4. (One for each season).

This is my first page of dress drawings. On the back of a horrible sketch of half a face and some disproportional Egyptian pyramids in the background... 

"Ruffled Persuasion" is a cute little blue-gray dress I imagine one of Jane Austin's characters to wear. I'd call it, "Emma" but that's just too cliche.

"Flamingo" has pink satin ruffles and pick-ups all around the sides and back. The under-layer is all a creamy tulle (the color I imagine flamingos to be before they stuff themselves with pink-producing shrimp.)

"Blue Belle"is an adorable little ivory dress with a giant "something blue" bow on the front. It's a wedding-inspired non-wedding dress. And I love it!

"Huntress Dress" is what any sensible girl would wear while horseback riding in the forest. She doesn't need to know how to shoot a bow and arrow, but she most certainly needs a pack of hound dogs, a handsome group of men, and a falcon (because falcons are awesome).

And one more just to keep you dress drooling...

"I'd Feather be Nesting" Hehehe... this name just makes me giggle.

More to come! :) 

***If you have any sewing ability whatsoever, or happen to come across any dresses similar to these that are reasonably priced, OR actually find a location or event where I can wear such a thing... contact me IMMEDIATELY. <3 Thanks! ***

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