Monday, September 12

To Sleep: Perchance to Dream

Sleep. Mmmmm sleep.

There are times when the whisper of that word sounds so lovely... Grab a fluffy pillow (or a pillow case with about 3 feathers if you're Jk), and cozy up to these wonderfully sleepy thoughts:

seeing the stars outside your window
a Sunday afternoon
after a bubble bath
relaxing on the beach
watching a kite fly
the sound of rain
sitting on a blanket in the warm sun
3 pm
after a perfect glass of hot chocolate
the smell of lavender
lazy river raft rides
a soft quilt
the sound of waves
snuggling under a blanket on the couch
finishing the last page of a good book late at night
a massage
sleeping kittens
the smell of Johnson & Johnson's baby shampoo and lotion
seeing clouds drift
cuddling with your favorite stuffed animal (or pet)
plane rides into the night
not having to set your alarm in the morning
warm fires with blankets of snow outside
bedtime stories
laying in a hammock
sunny Saturdays
down comforters
goodnight kisses
your own bed after a vacation

Sleep well. :)

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