Friday, September 9

Beauty Buys--September

Sharing some of my beauty buys to spruce up a casual look as we head into fall. Enjoy!

I'll start with the most basic one first: Johnson & Johnson's Baby Shampoo: I bought a big bottle of this so that I could wash my make-up brushes. (By the way.. apparently you're supposed to wash them to keep them, you know... sanitary. I wish my 14 year old, oily-skinned self had known that during the 4 years in high school when I used the same dirty brushes over and over...) Luckily I'm now on board the clean-brush train, thanks to this shampoo--which is gentle enough to use every day on make-up brushes (though I only wash them every 1-2 weeks). Plus, if clean had a specific smell, it would definitely be this. It'll remind you of cute, clean little babies swaddled in huge fuzzy towels.

Maybelline's Volum' Express the Falsies: I'm a huge sucker for waterproof mascara. It used to be all I wore, and I actually liked that it didn't wash off because my lashes are so pale that you couldn't see them otherwise. Then I wised up and learned that you're still supposed to remove waterproof mascara every day to keep your lashes clean. Well, I still wear it a lot, I just have a big bottle of make-up remover as well. :) Maybelline is the only mascara that I wear. I love it! This one is especially fun because it really makes your eyes pop. (I think it might also be the only purple thing I own!) Anyway... who wants to glue on false lashes when you can just pop on some super volumizing mascara? Check out how dramatic it is (the eye on the left has this mascara and my other one doesn't):

And if you're looking to add some more glamor to your life, take a look at these...

O.P.I's "Eiffel for this Color" Nail Polish: This color is part of O.P.I's French color line. As if their clever names aren't enough, O.P.I just makes outstanding polish. Plus, the bottle just makes you feel like you're paying for a high priced manicure (I would assume... I've never shelled out money to get my nails done when I can just ambidextrously paint them at home :) ) I love this color for fall because it's really rich and fun. The color is somewhere between deep purple and a black. It's dark enough so I don't feel like I'm wearing purple (I suppose this is the 2nd purple thing I own... I hate the color), but not quite black so I don't feel too Emo. On days when you just want to be edgy, a dark polish like this is awesome!

Conair's Infiniti Curling Wand: I love having curly hair, and I actually wear it that way so often that people think that's how it naturally is. Nope. Stick straight. Luckily, it is super cooperative and will do anything I tell it to, though! My hair stylist suggested I use a curling wand instead of a curling iron so that it doesn't damage the ends of my hair as much. I bought this fairly cheaply at Walgreens and think it's pretty fun. It gives nice beachy waves, and I feel a lot better using it on my hair. Though, in a pinch, I will always grab my regular iron because it doesn't take nearly as long to finagle. Here's how my hair looks after using it (perhaps I'll upload a tutorial on how to use it one of these days!):

Enjoy these lovely into-fall days, and stay classy! Until next month!


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