Friday, September 23

Sideways Braid

After finding a breathtaking picture of a sideways braid, I decided I must try it out for myself.

I love how this hairstyle is intricate looking, laid-back, sophisticated, and fun all at the same time. And I think the fact that it's sideways gives it a bit of whimsy :).

Start by french braiding your hair sideways across the back of your head. (To french braid, just start with three sections on one side and continue to add more hair to each section as you braid and move the outer sections towards the middle). Braid all the way to the end and then tie it off with a rubber band hair tie.

Next, tuck the "tail" of your braid back into the french braided section to hide it. The nice thing about this is that the braided sections are interlocked so well that it can really just hold it in place fairly easily. However, I added a few bobby pins just in case and used a couple to pin back some of my shorter pieces of hair.

The result? A 3rd grade boy told me my hair was "pretty sweet" looking. :) Maybe you'll turn a few heads too.

Have fun!

(I decided to just leave the music and not do a voice over with this one, but I'm sure you'll get the gist. :) )

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