Monday, September 30

Sharpie Dishes

Sharpie dishes

I finally tested out this Pinterest project the other week thanks to my lovely life group friends! You can dish up a adorable quote in a relatively short amount of time with a sharpie and access to an oven. Read on for the "recipe."

Pick up a cheap ceramic/porcelain dish (mug, plate, bowl, bakeware, whatever you would like) at the Dollar Store or Walmart. (More expensive/higher quality mugs usually have too thick of a glaze to allow the sharpie ink to bond with it.) Once you've got your dish, doodle away! 

We used regular black sharpies great success, and even found that if you made a mistake, you could rub off the sharpie with a wet washcloth before baking. (If you're having trouble getting it off, try rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover). Make sure to let your design dry completely before baking.

Then, put your dish in a cold oven (to prevent cracking!), preheat to 425 F, bake for 30 minutes, then allow your dish to cool with the oven. Once it's cooled off, your lovely design is now permanent! 

I ran my dish through the dishwasher and it held up perfectly, so they are dishwasher safe (though I aways use the crystal/china setting and turn off the dry function since we regularly eat off china).

Here's my finished plate:

Enjoy the Little Things sharpie dish

For more sharpie dish inspiration pop on over here.

Your turn! What Pinterest project would you like me to try next to test run before you give it a go? Post in the comment section, and it'll be my next one!

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