Tuesday, January 31


To be fair, my last entry should have been filed under "Heart Frowns" rather than "Heart Smiles." This one, though, is aptly placed. Thanks to my best friend in the whole world, I've got my old notebook with me again. Only this time, it's rebound and filled with tons of fresh new pages.

That is, if you want to call them "pages." To be fair, it's really 250 gigabytes of space courtesy of the new hard-drive that was lovingly installed. I'm taking it as my early wedding gift because, honestly, no diamond earrings could top this.

My beautiful white laptop, filled with oodles of love now has an adorable background, brand new stickers for all my apps, plenty of space for me to stretch out my heart, and it doesn't take hours to load or groan in that heavy fan way that old computers often do. 

My heart is smiling. (Coincidentally, so is my face). 

So, on this last day of the first month, let me wish you a very happy new year. May it be filled with all the wonderful new beginnings, leaps of faith, and big extensions of long-burning loves that mine has been. And I hope each day this year lays before you like a crisp, new page of your own heart's notebook.

*flips the page*

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