Sunday, January 8

Sketch a Dress II

More dresses drawn to dream and share. :)

"Little Bloom Peep": Fluffy and fit for an afternoon with sheep--which is just the sort of spring afternoon I would love. :) I drew little blue flowers on the off-the-shoulder straps and scattered around the dress.

"Light on Time": Hehe... another one where the name just makes me giggle... I love the different shades (haha get it?!) of yellow and the pretty little crystals that dangle. This would totally be one of my red carpet dresses if I were ever required to attend. :) 

I have changed the title of this dress to... "F is fur... Filthy Rich" because, well because I just like it better! It isn't real fur. (Or maybe it is.. :)) That's the great thing about art--you can imagine it however they would like. I just try to set the stage as best I can. :)

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