Thursday, January 12

Tease & Tie

I love big hair poufs, but I'm rarely bold enough to wear them. Reminiscent of the step-sister's bustles in Cinderella, they add a lot of "Oomph" to the back.  Teasing out a pouf for your hair works fabulously for proms and formal occasions, but here's a more everyday to wear it.

I never knew how to get that classic 60s bump in your hair. Then, my fabulous hair-dresser tipped me off--you have to tease it. Now my hair can get tangly pretty easily (especially when I'm running low on conditioner) and it holds curls like nobody's business, but for some reason my tangles from teasing fall out in a flash. That's where I resort to hairspray. Nothing like a little sticky, hardened hold to keep your hair afluff.

So how do you get that bustle-y bump? Load up the hairspray, tease your hair  on the upper-back park of your head, and then gently comb it so it's smooth. Then, tie your hair half-back like you normally would, and add a pretty ribbon to soften the look some. 

Have fun!


  1. Lol i love how zuko is becoming a frequent "cameo" appear-er :)

  2. he loves the camera (and causing trouble) :)