Thursday, June 14

If the World Ran More Like Zelda's Ocarina of Time

What if the world ran more like Zelda's Ocarina of Time? It could be pretty darn awesome...

1. You would earn gold badges for killing spiders to trade in for fun prizes.

2. Your bag would be able to hold an exuberant amount of useful weapons and items, but it wouldn't weigh a thing.

3. You could change your entire outfit with the click of a button. And it would always match. And it would give you special powers like withstanding heat or breathing underwater...

4. We would roll places to get there faster.

5. An entirely new terrain and ecosystem would be just a day's horse-ride away.

6. We would find money every time we mowed the lawn.

7. You would always have a ball of light following you around giving you tips on what to do and where to go. (and useless information).

8. Being able to catch things in bottles would be a very profitable life skill.

9. Most of the signs would be in Japanese unless you got super close to read them--then they'd be in English.

10. You could control time with a harmonica. (basically)

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