Tuesday, August 9

Beauty Buys--August

Despite the back-to-school supply lists and the approaching NFL season, it's still summer. So, here are my suggestions to help you soak up the last bit of summer break and keep that warm sunny feeling into the fall.

The Body Shop's Shea Body Butter: My stepmom got this for me last Christmas and the luxuriousness and scent of it are so addicting that it's my go-to lotion even in the summer as well. Body butter is much thicker than regular lotions so it really traps in moisture, leaving your skin healthy and dewy even with summer's heat and autumn's upcoming chills. I also have the coconut shimmer version which I like because of the slight sparkles, but it isn't nearly as lavish as the thick shea butter.

Burt's Bees Coconut Foot Creme: After all the sunny days in sandals--and more to come this month!--it's nice to give your feet some love. This creme is really smooth and silky, so it absorbs a bit but also acts kinda like massage lotion--which is great! Plus... it smells like warm coconut. :)

Bare Minerals' Warmth: Even I manage to get a little sun in the summer. This super light bronzer is my absolute favorite go-to to keep my face up to pace with the melanin in the rest of my body. I usually use it as a light blush in the summer and even in the fall and winter when I want a warmer feel. I adore Bare Minerals--all their products are super light feeling and last forever. Their "warmth" is great to use to give your skin that warm glow without the unhealthy side-effects of the sun or tanning booth. 

So... continue enjoying summer, and I'll catch up with you once September rolls around with some of my fall beauty favs!

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