Thursday, August 25

Wooden Hangers

There's something about wooden hangers. They give your clothes that expensive feel, and remind you about how you felt when you saw them sitting pretty in the store.

When you go to a nice clothing store, they have the uncanny ability to make even plain white t-shirts feel refined. Crisp. Clean. Simple. Quality. They simply fold khaki pants on a table and make them look artisan-crafted.

In my opinion, it isn't the store's atmosphere or their price tags. It's their attention to each article of clothing.

And their hangers.

Which is why I set out to find my own set of dark wooden hangers. I wanted the type of closet where you walk in and love everything you see. I wanted to feel the same excitement and appreciation for my clothes that I did at the store and when I brought each hand-chosen, carefully-paid-for piece home.

My sister, Paige bought me my first set of 10 deep, cherry-stained hangers. At about $1 a piece, you can't go wrong with wooden hangers. With hangers like that--you begin to value each of your clothes. Just like those expensive stores do. My $5 t-shirt from Brebeuf Jesuit can look like it's worth $50 just by resting itself on one those lovely wooden perches.

The result? Not only do I love my closet and getting dressed, but I spend a lot less money on clothes.

My brother Grant's old jean jacket used to hide in the back of my closet on its wire hanger, only to emerge when I was feeling particularly nostalgic. Now, hanging on a beautiful wooden hanger, I think "Wow, I love this cute cropped jacket! How great would that look with my skinny jeans? Or red dress? Or new skirt? Or that plain white t-shirt?"

Check out this swoonful blog entry with some fabulous pictures to give you other ideas on how to create a chic and sophisticated closet. I adore the idea of a large mirror leaning against the wall; knobs to hang a single, chic piece of clothing; and especially the worn, vintage ladder. (By the way, they whole-heartedly support my wooden hanger claim): A Tailored Shop At Home

Hang up your clothes in style. It'll change your whole perspective.

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